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About KMG

A History of Consolidation and Growth

KMG’s history dates back to 1985, when the company acquired its first pentachlorophenol (penta) distribution business. Over the subsequent years, KMG pursued a methodical strategy to consolidate two niche segments of the industrial wood treating chemicals market: penta and creosote.

Following the successful consolidation of these markets, KMG expanded its focus to an entirely new market – high purity process chemicals (HPPC) for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. In 2008, KMG acquired the HPPC business from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. This transformative acquisition established KMG as one of the leading suppliers of high purity electronic chemicals in the U.S. and as an important supplier in Europe. In 2010, we further consolidated the HPPC market with the purchase of Electronic Chemicals assets from U.S.-based General Chemical. In 2013, KMG acquired the Ultra Pure Chemicals business from OM Group, making KMG the first global supplier of HPPC to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Most recently, KMG acquired Nagase FineChem, expanding and strengthening its electronic chemicals business in Asia.

In May 2015, KMG entered a new strategic market with the acquisition of Val-Tex, a manufacturer of industrial valve lubricants and sealants. KMG broadened its presence and customer reach in this market with the February 2017 acquisition of Sealweld, a premier supplier of high-performance products and services to global pipeline operators.

As we near the end of our third decade of operations, KMG remains true to our original Corporate Strategy: We buy businesses in niche markets, entering when others are exiting. We enhance margins by bringing a focus to the products large companies often do not. We favor businesses with stable markets and strive to operate right-sized plants with the best-available technology.

We will continue to identify and evaluate companies and assets that can further enhance our Wood Treating Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals and Industrial Lubricants businesses.


Explore KMG’s history

  • Original Penta distribution business acquired
  • Built Penta manufacturing plant in Matamoros, Mexico
  • Acquired creosote distribution business from Bernuth-Lembke
  • Acquired sodium penta business from Rhone-Poulenc
  • KMG begins trading on Nasdaq under the symbol “KMGB”
  • Acquired significant creosote assets from Allied Signal
  • Acquired MSMA herbicide products from Zeneca Ag Products
  • Entered animal health business with acquisition of Rabon from Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Acquired the assets of Wood Protection Products, a key Penta distributor
  • Acquired the creosote distribution business and assets of Trenton Sales
  • Expanded animal health business by acquiring Ravap from Boehringer Ingelheim
  • 1.2 million-share private equity placement
  • Acquired Penta manufacturing assets from Occidental Chemical
  • Acquired U.S.-based animal insecticide business of Boehringer Ingelheim
  • 3.2 million-share public offering, including 1.7 million newly issued shares
  • Acquired High Purity Electronic Chemicals business from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Acquired General Chemical’s Electronic Chemicals business.
  • Completion of General Chemicals integration and consolidation
  • Sale of Animal Health business to Bayer Healthcare’s Animal Health Division
  • KMG transfers stock exchange listing to NYSE under the symbol “KMG”
  • Acquired OM Group’s Ultra Pure Chemicals business located in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and France. KMG becomes the leading global supplier of high purity process chemicals to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.
  • Sale of creosote distribution assets to Koppers Inc.
  • Acquired Val-Tex, a manufacturer of industrial valve lubricants and sealants.
  • Acquired Nagase FineChem, a manufacturer of electronic chemicals in Singapore.
  • Acquired Sealweld, a leading global supplier of high-performance products and services for industrial valve and actuator maintenance.