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What Drives Our Electronic Chemicals Business?

This is a great question and it’s one we hear regularly from the investment community. The simple answer is that our Electronic Chemicals business is directly influenced by global semiconductor production trends (excluding a small portion of our sales to other electronics markets). When production of semiconductor chips rises, demand for our high purity wet […]

KMG Supports AWPA Guidelines for Creosote Retention in Wood Railroad Crossties

According to the Railway Tie Association (RTA), “Wood crossties have been supporting North American railroads for more than 160 years. No other material even comes close to wood’s track record.” That is indeed true: Even with major technological advances in locomotives, railcars and track construction, creosote-treated wood crossties continue to account for over 90% of the current installed […]

Expanding Semiconductor Foundry Business in U.S. Offers Growth Opportunity

The semiconductor foundry business is often associated with major pure-play manufacturers based in Asia, like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC), United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC). Collectively, these three foundries — which are solely dedicated to manufacturing semiconductor components for other semiconductor companies – last year generated 57% of all sales […]

Could the Decline in Railcar Coal Freight Impact Rail Tie Replacement Demand?

As one of the largest suppliers of creosote in North America, we’re keenly interested in trends that may impact (positively or negatively) the demand for this important wood preservative. In today’s blog post, we look at whether the decline in coal shipped by railcar may affect long-term replacement demand for the millions of creosote-treated wooden […]

Tax Extension Will Benefit Rail Tie Production

Earlier this month, the U.S. Congress and President Obama hammered out a so-called “fiscal cliff” budget agreement, narrowly averting a significant tax increase on most taxpayers. Unless you’re a member of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA), you probably weren’t aware that the deal contained an important tax provision – known as […]

Global Semiconductor Market Poised for Growth in 2013

Following a challenging year in 2012, the global semiconductor industry is poised for a recovery in 2013, according to several published forecasts. Industry analysts peg 2013 global semiconductor revenue growth in the 4%-6% range, representing a marked improvement from the flat-to-minus 3% year/year decline estimated for 2012. Because the industry continues to work down the […]

Welcome to the official KMG Blog!

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our official KMG Chemicals blog. Here we’ll be discussing and commenting on notable news and industry developments related to our two main businesses: Electronic Chemicals and Wood Treating Chemicals. We hope our commentary will provide some additional color on events, news and trends that influence our businesses […]