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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, KMG manufactures, formulates and globally distributes specialty chemicals for the ElectronicsIndustrial Wood Preservation and Industrial Lubricants markets.

Electronic Chemicals

As the complexity of semiconductor silicon wafers continues to advance, so too must the purity of the process chemicals used in their manufacture. KMG is proud to be a leading supplier of high purity process chemicals for many of the world’s leading technology companies.

We supply high-purity process chemicals for three major markets:

– Semiconductor manufacturing

– Photovoltaic (solar cell panel) manufacturing

– Flat panel display manufacturing

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Wood Treating Chemicals

KMG is the leading North American manufacturer of pentachlorophenol (“penta”), an industrial wood preservative primarily used to protect and preserve the life of utility poles in the electric power and communications industries.

The U.S. possesses a massive wooden infrastructure, methodically built and maintained over the past century and a half. Our specialty wood treating products are necessary to preserve and protect the wood used for utility poles and cross-arms.  For more information on the benefits of treated wood, see our Why Treated Wood? page.

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Industrial Lubricants

Val-Tex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KMG, is a preferred provider of high quality, cost-effective valve lubricants primarily to the oil and gas storage, pipeline and gas distribution markets. Val-Tex manufactures and distributes industrial sealants and lubricants, as well as related products, such as lubrication equipment and fittings. Val-Tex serves the global valve maintenance market with value-added specialty products that enable optimal valve operation and help prevent costly, unscheduled downtime at customer facilities and pipelines. In addition, Val-Tex’s products provide important safety benefits along with preventing fugitive valve emissions. For more information, visit