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Electronic Chemicals: Cyantek

Cyantek is a leading supplier of process chemicals for electronics manufacturers around the world. We offer a full line of products, including etchants, resist developers and strippers including Nano-Strip™.

Cyantek has etchants for Cr, Ni, NiCr, TiW, TaN, Al, Au, ITO, SiO2 and polysilicon films. Our positive and negative resist strippers provide a wide variety of choices for removing resists in the presences of sensitive materials. We have products used for glass final clean along with substrate cleaning, prior to deposition steps. We also work with our customers to develop custom products based on their specific needs. Our products are used in various applications during the manufacturing of electronic products such as FPD, IC, MEMS, LED, PV and Thin Film.

Cyantek has been in business for thirty-five years and supplies chemical products around the globe. Fore more information, please visit the Cyantek website.