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Wood Treating Chemicals

KMG-Bernuth is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals for industrial wood treating applications. We are the largest merchant supplier of coal tar-based creosote in the U.S. and we are the sole producer of Pentachlorophenol (“Penta”) in North America.

Markets we serve

➢ Wooden railroad crossties, bridge timbers and marine pilings

➢ Wooden utility poles

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» Why Treated Wood?

KMG’s wood treating chemicals significantly extend the lives of wood products used in industrial applications, increasing their lifespans not by a handful of years, but by multiple decades. Read more >>

Wood Treating Chemical products we offer

We sell two key products for the industrial wood treating market: Pentachlorophenol and coal-tar based Creosote. These widely used products preserve, protect and extend the useful life of wood.

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