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About KMG

Core Strengths

Core Strengths are the baseline for continued success of any enterprise. At KMG, our Core Strengths are:

  • Maximizing free cash flow
  • Identifying and closing on accretive acquisitions
  • Rapidly integrating acquisitions

This three-step process represents the foundation of our Corporate Growth Strategy. It is a seemingly simple formula, but one that requires focus, discipline and foresight to achieve.

From our Core Strengths, KMG is established as a preferred supplier to our customers, a first-class organization for our employees and an attractive investment for our shareholders.

Since we embarked on our Acquisition Growth Strategy in 1996, we have remained steadfast in our goal to manage our operations as smartly and efficiently as possible, maximizing cash flow and pursuing only those acquisitions that make financial and strategic sense over the long term. This strategic framework has been the basis for our past growth and success, and will remain so in the future.