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About KMG

Our Core Values Always Point Us In The Right Direction.

We strive to be a growing, financially sound company recognized for excellence, passion and sustainability. We are a company where talented people thrive; customers benefit from our excellent service and value-added solutions; and our neighbors respect our good stewardship of the environment. We are a growth-driven organization dedicated to operational excellence through a consistent focus on execution and efficiencies.

Although our customers value us for our products and superior service, and investors judge us on the success of the strategies we employ, we are defined by a set of core values that permeates all that we are and everything that we do. Our Core Values are:

Passion for Excellence

  • We are committed to our internal and external customers, consistently providing superior service and products.
  • We are a learning organization, taking every opportunity to continually improve.
  • We have a positive attitude and promote a winning spirit.

Value our People

  • We develop our people to their fullest potential.
  • We set clear goals and expectations in alignment with our corporate strategy and objectives.
  • We recognize and reward achievements.

Character Counts

  • We are ethical and act with integrity in all our dealings.
  • We treat our colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders with respect.
  • We are trustworthy.

Work as a Team

  • We empower our people.
  • We are as committed to each other as we are to ourselves.
  • We are transparent and open in all of our interactions.