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About KMG

Our Disciplined Approach to Growth

Our growth strategy is to focus on niche segments of larger markets where we can establish leading market positions through consolidation and organic growth. We seek to acquire unique businesses that meet our stringent set of strategic and financial criteria, and we aim to maximize economic returns through operational and commercial synergies. While rigorous and time-consuming, our disciplined approach helps ensure that each acquisition we make has the highest possible chance of success and will generate long-term value for  shareholders.

Strategic Acquisition Criteria

  • Unique products with high-value applications
  • Established commercial uses
  • Growth potential
  • Barriers to entry

Financial Acquisition Criteria

  • Strong cash flow
  • Margin expansion potential through operating efficiencies
  • Strong management and track record of performance

Since the 1980s we have completed more than fifteen acquisitions, gaining invaluable experience and wisdom in all phases of the acquisition and integration process. We know from experience what it takes to acquire and optimize businesses and we become that much better with each and every acquisition we complete. Please visit Our History for more on how KMG became who we are today.