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Corporate Responsibility

Environment, Health & Safety


At KMG, we recognize the importance of understanding how our operations interact with the surrounding communities and environment.  In this respect, a critical element in our long-term success is a sound business infrastructure based upon:

  • Consistent and ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Identification and control of potential risks
  • Implementation of Sustainable practices

By implementing certified Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Management Systems at all our locations, KMG will continue to operate in compliance with regulatory requirements, while fully protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees and their communities.

For more information regarding KMG’s commitment to Sustainability, please see our Sustainability page.

Health and Safety

KMG’s Core Value of Safety First is a driving force behind the management of our operations worldwide.  Our Safety and Health performance track record demonstrates this commitment, as our recordable injury and illness rate averaged less than one injury or illness per 100 employees.

KMG’s success is grounded on employee participation in all aspects of operations from planning through product realization, and on the implementation of comprehensive training systems. Our systems are designed to ensure employee process knowledge and to enhance understanding of safety rules and procedures. At KMG, nothing is more important than Safety.

KMG’s commitment to Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) Performance is demonstrated though our EHQS&S Policy.