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Corporate Responsibility

Product Stewardship

KMG Chemicals, Inc. is proud member of the American Chemistry Council.  As an American Chemistry Council member, KMG is committed to increasing public and stakeholder awareness regarding how our products are used in commerce and ensuring that health and safety information is readily available. While our products are not sold directly to retail consumers, our chemicals touch many aspects of everyday life given our position as a leading supplier to the Electronics Manufacturing and Industrial Wood Treating markets.

We developed the following Product Stewardship Summaries for several of our chemicals utilizing a prioritization process that takes into consideration chemical volumes present in commerce; hazards presented by the chemical; and risks associated with the intended use of our products.

The Product Stewardship Summaries are designed to provide a plain language overview of our products and their intended use in commerce. The summaries are not intended to replace or supplant required legal and regulatory documents. Safety Data Sheets should be referenced for more detailed health and safety information.

Product Safety Summary Sheets

>> Pentachlorophenol (PDF – 151 KB)

>> Hydrofluoric Acid (PDF – 269 KB)

>> Ammonium Hydroxide (PDF – 138 KB)