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Established in 1992 as a service centre for Asia, KMG Singapore Pte. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ultrapure chemicals, specialty chemicals and associated services to Integrated Circuit Fabricators, Silicon Wafer Manufacturers and Disk Drive Manufacturers in Asia.

Services provided include Total Chemical Management (TCM), Analytical and Chemical Logistics Support Services. KMG Singapore also provides recycling and refining services through the installation of on-site chemical supply and reclaiming systems at customer production facilities.

Manufacturing Capabilities
KMG Singapore manufactures a range of high purity chemicals, including acids, solvents and custom blends, for the liquid crystal display, semiconductor and electronics markets.

Total Chemical Management Services
Along with the supply of high purity/specialty chemicals, KMG Singapore has the following distinctive competencies: On-site chemical management services (TCM) to ensure uninterrupted supply of chemicals and point of use guarantee. This includes on-site chemical dispatching, chemical distribution systems maintenance and troubleshooting, point of use  sampling and real time Statistical Process Control. As pioneers in the TCM concept since 1992, the company has established itself firmly as Best-in-Class with its chemical management services, able to support wafer fab operations 24 hours per day year-round.

Analytical Services
Our Class 10 cleanroom laboratory is dedicated to providing world class analytical services to the semiconductor and electronics industry. Complete with relevant ISO and SINGLAS accreditation, KMG is focused on specialised analytical capabilities and process application support.

Chemical Supplies
In addition to the manufacture of the full range of high purity process/specialty chemicals, KMG has full capabilities to provide the chemical items in varied UN-approved packaging from small packs of 5-L or equivalent bottles to carboys of 20-L or equivalent: from 200-L equivalent drums to 1,000-L equivalent IBCs. JIT deliveries are also available for supplies of all chemicals in Singapore.

Logistics Services
KMG operates two chemical warehousing locations in Singapore with a clear specialization on logistics and related services for the semiconductor industry. Along with our own fleet of delivery vehicles and logistics staff, KMG provides varied logistics services, including temperature- controlled warehouse services (from ambient to freezer environment of <-15 deg. C) and chemical delivery services within Singapore vicinity.

Advanced Packaging Application Laboratory
KMG advanced packaging products brings a new portfolio of chemistries with low amount of trace metals and particles for flip-chip, 2.5D/3D IC, wafer level packaging and advanced lead-frame. Our advanced packaging laboratory is a class 1K electrochemical deposition process area with state-of-the-art full automatic 12″ wafer plating tool for Damascene, copper through silicon via, copper redistribution and tin or tin-silver plating plus metal etching bench. Product application metrology equipment consists of high-precision cross section poliser, high-magnification imaging, elemental analysis plus chemical characterization and metal layer measurement.

KMG Singapore Pte. Ltd.
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