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The KMG Advantage
As a manufacturer and distributor of sub parts-per-billion (ppb) specialty chemical products, KMG supplies ultra-high purity wet chemicals to leading technology companies throughout the world. KMG Electronic Chemical’s integrated chemical development program comprises:

Our advanced chemical purification technologies — including distillation, ion exchange, gas adsorption and filtration — provide consistently low contaminant levels in a variety of high-purity process chemicals.

Our Commitment: Purity in Packaging

All KMG Electronic Chemicals packaging is UN/DOT certified and produced by manufacturers who understand our demanding ultrapure requirements.  Every step of the manufacture, shipping, and filling is handled under exacting controls, enabling us to offer products of the highest quality.  From our smallest container to our 5,000-gallon Teflon-lined tank wagon fleet, KMG Electronic Chemicals is the semiconductor industry leader in providing low extractable chemistries.