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Advanced Analytical Services

KMG Electronic Chemicals

We strive to ensure our products meet your specs in each and every order. To ensure product quality, KMG Electronic Chemicals measures metallic impurities in the sub-one ppb purity level through inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy and graphite furnace spectrometry, among other analytical methods.

In addition, careful sample preparation and elemental calibration techniques are required. We employ new analytical technology that uses high-precision ion chromatography to measure chloride, nitrate, sulfate and phosphate ions at the low-ppb level. High-resolution laser instrumentation is used to measure particles in process chemicals at the 0.065-micron level.

KMG Electronic Chemicals Analytical Services features:

  • Multiple labs optimized for different chemistries
  • Class 100000, 10000, 1000, 100, 10 and 1 clean room laboratories available to match the purity requirements
  • MDLs in clean chemistries for most cations are <1 ppt
  • MDLs in clean chemistries for common anions are <10 ppb
  • Years of experience and expertise in optimizing trace analysis for semiconductor chemistries
  • Commonly utilized standard addition calibration techniques for matrixes that cannot be matched with ultra-pure blank source
  • A sub-boiling still to produce ultrapure reagents that are of higher purity than commercially available reagents
  • Established Gage studies programs, including inter-lab correlation and long term metrology stability monitoring
  • Labs that are ISO certified and follow best lab practices, including rigorous calibration and QC protocol and validations
  • Expertise in challenging assays with demanding specification for a wide variety of semiconductor chemistries
  • Liquid particle count for semiconductor chemistries down to 0.065 microns
  • Ability to design and execute container studies for purity performance
  • World class Lab Information Management System that is linked to instrumentation data outputs and charting software
  • Custom CoA and delivery of data in a variety of methods
  • Ability to provide method development, consultation
  • Ability to provide quick turn-around as required