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Electronic Chemicals: Performance Products

KMG Electronic Chemical’s Performance Products Group offers a broad range of products and services required to achieve specific application criteria in semiconductor manufacturing. The increasingly finer line geometries required of semiconductor fabs worldwide make the precision manufacturing and blending of custom performance process chemicals more critical than ever.

In order to meet these complex needs, KMG Electronic Chemicals offers:

  • Temperature-controlled manufacturing, storage, transportation and delivery
  • Premixed products manufactured to exacting specifications
  • Statistical process control of assay

KMG Electronic Chemicals ensures the consistency of etchants and mixes through stringent mixing procedures, sampling protocol and control of trace metals.

The Performance Products Group will manufacture to your custom specifications or we can provide our own products recommended for such applications.

What sets KMG’s Performance Products Group apart is quality.  Each product is mixed in a cleanroom environment, filtered and particle counted, and packaged in containers specially designed and manufactured for us to preserve the integrity of the chemicals you purchase.

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Acetic Copper Clean
Aluminum Etch
Ammonium Fluoride 40%
Buffered Oxide Etch
Chrome Etch
Defreckle Etch
Hydrogen Peroxide
ITO Etch 1
Mixed Acid Etchant
Pad Etch
Poly Etch
Residue Oxide Etch
Rough Etch
Schimmel Etch
Smooth Etch
Ultra Etch®
Wright Etch