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Performance Materials

KMG’s Performance Materials segment includes products and services for the industrial wood preservation and global pipeline and energy markets.

Our Wood Treating Chemicals business provides performance products for preserving essential wood infrastructure, such as utility poles and cross-arms, in the electric utility and telecommunications markets.

Our Pipeline Performance business is dedicated to providing high-performance products and services that optimize pipeline efficiency, lower operating costs and enhance safety for the global pipeline and energy market.

Flowchem, based in Waller, Texas, is a leading global provider of drag-reducing agents (DRAs), related support services and equipment to midstream crude oil and refined fuel pipeline operators.

Flowchem’s DRA line, TURBOFLO®, maximizes the capacity of petroleum pipeline systems by reducing turbulence and frictional pressure losses within pipeline networks. By establishing a more linear flow pattern within a pipeline, TURBOFLO DRA reduces the pressure and/or energy required to pump flowing fluids, thereby improving a pipeline’s throughput and efficiency. For more information, please visit



Based in Houston, Texas, KMG’s Val-Tex subsidiary is a preferred provider of high quality, cost-effective valve lubricants, sealants and equipment to the oil and gas storage, pipeline and gas distribution markets. Since 1962, Val‑Tex has been a trusted partner for the oil and natural gas industry, earning numerous valve manufacturer recommendations for its high-quality products and innovative solutions for ensuring proper valve operation. Please visit for more information.

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Based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, with additional facilities in Houston, Texas and the United Arab Emirates, KMG’s Sealweld subsidiary is a leading global supplier of high-performance products and services for industrial valve and actuator maintenance, including lubricants, sealants, cleaners, valve fittings, tools and equipment. Additionally, Sealweld provides routine and emergency valve maintenance services and technician training for pipeline operators worldwide.

Sealweld focuses on the safe reduction and elimination of pipeline valve leakage, providing a one-stop shopping convenience that is not available elsewhere. When you work with Sealweld®, you get access to the know-how that saves pipeline operators millions of dollars in unnecessary shut-down costs. Please visit for more information.