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Welcome to the official KMG Blog!

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our official KMG Chemicals blog. Here we’ll be discussing and commenting on notable news and industry developments related to our two main businesses: Electronic Chemicals and Wood Treating Chemicals. We hope our commentary will provide some additional color on events, news and trends that influence our businesses and the industries in which we participate.

To make our blog easier to navigate, we’ve provided links specifically for posts related to Electronic Chemicals and posts related to Wood Treating Chemicals. So if you’re only interested in Electronic Chemicals, you won’t have to sort through any Wood Treating Chemicals posts (or vice-versa).

We hope you enjoy the KMG Chemicals blog and encourage you to add your views in our comments section. You can follow us on Twitter (@KMG_Chemicals), too, where we’ll be sure to let you know a when new blog post has been published here. Thank you for your interest in KMG Chemicals!
Eric Glover
Investor Relations Manager

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